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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pets vs. Cyber Pets: Is It a Battle ?

Who'd want to see my pet pictures or pet articles if our now priceless pets were losing ground to our virtual companions or robot pets ? But are cyber pets winning the battle for popularity ? Let's study this problem more closely.

First of all, pets have been around for a long time and they're still here, as loved by their owners as ever. Maybe the cyber pet is merely a whim of our technological progress. I remember when I was growing up the only virtual pet I had access to was the japanese Tamagotchi. A Tamagotchi is an electronical pocket device that offers rudimentary control over a pet of your choice: Dragons, Dinosaurs, Cats, Dogs, Worms, Parrots and so on, almost any pet immaginable. The graphics were and still are rudimentary but that wasn't the idea of the Tamagotchi. The purpose was to teach children responsability. They had to feed their pet, walk it when it was neccessary, clean up after it . . . But all this was intended to prepare a kid for the real deal, taking care of his best friend, his closest companion.

Therefore, until now nothing that assumes to replace the classical pet was encountered. So let's move on. I think you've all seen the robot dogs, cats and the sorts emerging everywhere. While these to look threatening in the long run, I doubt they'll ever be looked at as more than toys. Then again, who knows where we'll be in 20 years ? At the rate our technology is evolving, it's hard to say.

Furthermore, there is one more kind of pet to be discussed, the virtual pet. I wanted to cover this category merely to be thorough. It's pretty clear I would never trade my precious pets for an electronic version. Maybe I'm old fashioned.

All in all, I sincerely believe our pets are safe and as long as they can take all our worries away with a look in their eyes, a joyful bark or lazy purr they'll never be replaced. It's impossible for something created by technology to replace the bond between our priceless pets and us.

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