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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Iguana Pet Pictures: Exotic ?

Green Iguanas (Iguana iguana) are large, arboreal lizards from Central and South America. The green iguana is found over a largearea, from Mexico to southern Brazil and Paraguay, as well as on the Caribbean Islands. They are typically about 2 metres in length from head to tail and can weigh up to 5 kg.

The sex of a green iguana can be determined by examining the underside of the hind legs. Males have highly developed pores in this area that secrete scent, and are often covered in a waxy substance. Also, the spiny scales that run along an iguana's back are noticeably longer and thicker in males than they are in females.

These lizards have recently become extremely popular in the pet trade (is it a whim or are they here to stay ?)—over 800,000 animals were imported into the United States alone during 1995. When shopping for an iguana however, keep in mind that they are very demanding to care for properly over their lifetime, and the great majority will die within a few short years. Many ignorant buyers are tempted by the price of young iguanas and apparent low cost of feeding, typically giving inappropriate vegetables and insufficent housing without sources of heat. In captivity Green Iguanas need to be in temperatures of 75 to 90 degrees and must have appropriate sources of UVB and UVA lighting. Without proper UVB lighting they can develop metabolic bone disease which can be fatal if not treated.

If properly cared for, you should be happy with the result: a captive green iguana can live from 8 to 20 years. The oldest known pet iguana lived 29 years. (now that's a lot, having an iguana for almost half your life)

In the wild, green iguanas are diurnal and strictly herbivorous, feeding on leaves, flowers, fruit, and growing shoots (although the young were once thought to eat insects, this has been proven false), and can be found living in trees and near water, into which they will dive if frightened. Agile climbers, they can fall up to 40 feet without being injured, and can run quickly despite their clumsy appearance. Now you may not believe this but, in some countries, iguanas are served as fast food (don't know exactly how, although I doubt you're gonna see an iguana burger or hotdog). Because of this and the fact that they are sought after as pets the green iguana is considered a threatened species and is listed on the CITES Appendix II.

In the case of humans, a bite from an adult iguana can mean a trip to a hospital for stitches. No, they're not fatal in any way, but then again, why get a deadly pet ?

Well, a pet iguana would be interesting I think. It would certainly be a change from dogs, cats or birds :) And just imagine what cool Pet Pictures I could take of an Iguana. I wonder how many people like Iguanas. If you're one of them, give us a shout through a comment.

In conclusion, "green is good" for all you cheaters out there :D. Love your Pets, they deserve it. Cheers. digg blinklist furl simpy reddit


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